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Norman Curtiss: “I Got Caught Diverting Adderall from my Retail Pharmacy”

Episode Notes

Norman Curtiss has been a practicing pharmacist for about 8 years.  He grew up always playing sports as a child and throughout high school.  Norman struggled with substance use disorder with either alcohol, Adderall or both throughout most of his 20's and early 30's.  His journey to recovery started with a phone call to Lionrock.  That was June 2, 2018, and he has been sober from alcohol since that day.  His addiction to Adderall continued until July of 2019 when he was arrested for diverting medication from the pharmacy where he was working.

Norman’s goal is to be more open about his past in order to help eliminate the negative stigma associated with substance use disorders, especially in the healthcare field.   He has now put himself in a position to be as happy as he's ever been - living a sober, active lifestyle.  He now works part-time as a pharmacist and has started taking classes to become a physician assistant.  His goal is to become a PA in order to work directly with patients who are suffering from addiction disorders and mental health issues and help them on their way to recovery.


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