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ATE #1.5 | After the Episode (follow up to Ashley's story)

Episode Summary

ATE #1.5: Welcome to the very first "After the Episode" follow up! This episode follow up will give listeners the chance to dive in a little deeper with important topics and questions from the latest interviews. Join Host Ashley and Producer Christiana again as they discuss topics from Ashley's interview and talk the importance of recovery maintenance, support, the road to healing and much more!

Episode Notes

ATE #1.5: Welcome to our very first “After the Episode” for The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast! We are blown away by the positive response we have received, and so glad that it has touched and encouraged many of you. We wanted to touch on a few key points we were reminded of in the messages we got from many of you. Hence, this brief “follow-up” episode! Please keep your feedback coming--we take absolutely all of it to heart.

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1:28 - Ashley talks about how scary it was to share her story in such detail...because stigma.

3:00 - Recovering people are all around us.

5:15 - Courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. It really means you are afraid, and you’re doing it anyway.

6:05 - Recovery is recovering from so many different things. (Not just substance abuse). And it’s available to anyone who wants it.

7:20 - When people share their story, it paves the way for other people in recovery to speak up.

7:54 - Being in recovery is like peeling an onion: it happens layer by layer. It takes time. “It’s only through years of recovery that each piece reveals itself.”

10:44 - Ashley talks about “The Void”. “The opposite of addiction is connection.”

15:28 - Ashley talks about putting her recovery first. “If I don’t maintain my recovery, that void comes back.” It’s full as long as we maintain it.

17:29 - “Recovery is a new life.” Everything has to change.

19:11 - “You can’t fix your broken brain with your broken brain.” Ashley talks about the importance of getting help, because we just can’t do it on our own.

20:39 - Give us feedback! Email us at if you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or ideas for topics or guests. We take all of it to heart!

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